• Is the snow like Velcro for your dog in the winter?

    Posted on February 13, 2016 by in Blog

    dog detangler“I’ve attached a picture of my arsenal 😉

    My horse Lupita had the thickest longest tail and if I didn’t care for it daily it would become dreadlocks. 

    So the two shorter bottles are gel…This stuff is very slick and you only need a size of an eraser if he gets mats. 

    For everyday, I would start with the Vet’s Best moisture mist conditioner or Eqyss avocado spray (I don’t have that one in the pic but the Marigold bug spray and detangler work awesome and are from the same company.  If they don’t work go to the Mane and Tail detangler, be warned it is slick!

    I can tell where Bear had laid down on the floor because it makes the floor slick – ha! I only use it on his tail and panteloones that seem to pick up every burr in the woods 😉 

    Pet Edge also sells a dematting comb with 4 blades, looks like teeth but cuts through the mat without having to cut the mat out. They have a de-shedder that I use on Bear and it gets out enough hair to make another dog!”

    • From our good friend, vet tech and professional pet sitter, Jennifer Harrington!