• Meet our Livingston Pet Nanny, Chris G.

    Posted on January 29, 2015 by in Blog


    Chris G

    Chris G

    Chris’ family loves to tell stories of how as a toddler, when they took her trick-or-treating and someone would open the door to give her candy, she would walk right past them (and their candy) and enter the house, making a b-line for whatever animals she could see waiting for her through their owner’s legs! Her intense love for animals has only grown through the years. She is very intuitive and is good at reading their feelings.

    Chris lives in Livingston with her husband, two teenage daughters and three awesome cats. She graduated from Rutgers with bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy & Women’s Studies and since then has focused her life around various creative endeavors. She directed an independent world-championip-winning indoor colorguard, has created art & hand-made wire wrapped jewelry, and traveled the country with her daughter who was starring as Jane Banks in the Broadway National Tour of Mary Poppins. Chris is currently developing Spirited Elixirs, an on-line business with her brother.

    Chris has NEVER lived without animals, and wouldn’t even consider it! She is very excited to find herself in a position where she will meet lots of new cuddly friends. Being someone who is always hesitant to go away because it can be so nerve-wracking to leave her cats, she knows only too well how important it is for a care-giver to take the time to understand the individual personality and needs of each animal, and to give them the love and attention they deserve.