How To Prepare for Your Pet Nanny

Your fur children will most likely fall in love with their Peaks Pet Nanny, but there are some things that should be done to ensure everything goes smoothly for your next pet sitting appointment.

Here is a helpful “Checklist”

– Notify the Office if you have changed your locks or alarm code since our last visit.

– Leave out your itinerary and contact information, including the numbers to the hotels or homes you where you will be staying.

– Be sure ID tags, registration and Rabies vaccine are up to date.

– Food, treats, and kitty litter should be well stocked and readily available.

– Check collars, leads, gates, and the fence to make sure they are all secure.

– Sharp objects, plastic bags, and anything else that may harm your pet should be put away.

– Put away shoes, the kids’ toys, or other items that may be used as a chew toy.

– Cleaning products and medicines should not be left out.

– Insect/weed killer, rat poison, fertilizer, and paints should be safely stored.

– Close the doors to any rooms or sheds where a pet may get into trouble.

– Consider leaving on soft music and a light…pets are much more comfortable when not left in complete silence or darkness.

Enjoy Your Vacation knowing your pets are in great hands!