New Client Consult


We understand selecting a dependable pet sitting service is extremely important.

We are here to help.

First Step:  Please contact the Office or complete the online application.  We will explain our services in detail and answer all of your questions.

Second Step: We will schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our pet nannies.  This meeting will give you and your pet(s) the chance to meet your pet nanny and give them an opportunity to experience their normal routine.

Some pets are very friendly and may become acquainted right away.  Others are shy and may take some time to warm up.  These are things we would like learn.  It is important for us to know the feeding and medication routines and understand their likes, dislikes, hiding places, quirks or fears.

During the Consultation:

~ Forms: The “Client Profile” and “Pet Profile(s)” will be collected and reviewed by your pet nanny.  Please make sure the forms are completed prior to your consult.

~ Keys: We will collect and test two (2) keys.  One key will stay with your pet nanny, the 2nd key will be kept as a back-up.  Please label all keys with your pet(s) names.

To Schedule Service:

Contact the Office or you can schedule online.  We will confirm coverage with your pet nanny and email your confirmation.  It’s that easy!

Office: 973-601-3035