Just for fun, we decided to list 15 famous dogs from movies and TV that will be remembered for years to come, and who hold a special place in our hearts. We hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane with these adorable and famous pups!

1. Snoopy

The most famous dog house-flying Beagle around, Snoopy didn’t have to say much to get his point across.



2. Toto

Though Toto was small, he was a very loyal companion and pivotal to Dorothy’s success in getting back home.



3. Scobby – Do

Who can forget the Saturday morning cartoon classic? This Great Dane helped solve mysteries and fought crime—all for the love of his companions and Scooby Snacks.



4. Lassie

This faithful Collie helped save lives and could fix any problem that came by her best friend, little Timmy.



5. Petey

This unofficial member of “The Little Rascals” was originally played by an American Staffordshire Terrier in the TV series, but an American Pit Bull Terrier was cast in the movie remake.



6. Pluto

One of Disney’s most beloved characters! We would’ve picked Goofy too, but he seemed more of a cross between a man-dog and not sure if he should be our list!



7. Beethoven

This St. Bernard got into a ton of trouble, but his sweet and charming personality won over his family and the rest of us.



8. Marley

Speaking of getting into trouble… who could possibly forget “Marley and Me”.

Marley, a rambunctious Yellow Lab puppy, who stole our hearts and made us do the “ugly cry” by the end of the movie. He was played by 18 different pups.



The Muppet Theatre’s resident pianist, as well as one of the show’s main cast members. Sure, he sounded like he smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day, but we loved this scruffy guy!



Garfield’s Dachshund companion was slightly off, but his constant inclination to lick Garfield’s face was hard not to love.



11. Brian Griffin

The cocktail-drinking White Labrador is more of a hilarious friend to Peter than a dog at all.



12. Spuds MacKenzie

“The Budweiser Dog” Spuds the Bull Terrier made a name for herself as the face of Bud Light in the ’80s, and will always be known as the “original party animal.”




“Turner and Hooch”  A crime-fighting pooch, this Dogue de Bordeaux was the loveable partner Scott Turner didn’t know he needed.



14. Slink

“Toy Story”. The Dachshund slinky with a Southern drawl was one of the only toys to stand up for Woody when the rest turned against him, earning him a gold star in loyalty and friendship.


15. Lady and the Tramp

This famous Cocker Spaniel and adorable scruffy Mutt made eating spaghetti very romantic and memorable.


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