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Why Leave an Online Review for Your Pet Sitter?

Many small businesses to major corporations are still reeling from Covid-19. The pet-sitting and dog walking industry in New Jersey and across the United States are struggling to stay afloat. Sadly, many pet sitting businesses have closed their doors permanently....

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Your Support Means The World to Us

We are forever grateful for your continued business because we wouldn’t be here without our loyal customers. You can choose any other pet care provider, but we appreciate that you have stuck with us. Thank you again, again, and again. We also want to THANK our Pet...

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Yes! We Are Still Open for Business

We want to first thank you for all of your support over the last 15 years. We are beyond grateful for your loyalty! The Peaks Pet Nanny is a small business that relies on our wonderful clients to keep chugging along.  We have been experiencing quite a change of pace...

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Keeping Your Dog Engaged During Lockdown

No doubt you are spending a lot of time sitting at home distancing yourself from others during the quarantine and following social distancing guidelines. Are you becoming fidgety due to the lack of movement or action you are able to do for exercise? It isn’t just you,...

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How to Choose the Right Name for your Dog!

If you have a new four-legged addition to your family, then you have embarked on a new adventure that is going to be fun for everyone! Although puppies require a lot of work, they reward all your efforts with their love and affection. When you bring your dog into the...

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Dealing with Springtime Shedding

As we approach Springtime, my dog has already begun the process of shedding her winter coat. Year-round shedding is regular for all animals with hair, but—generally speaking—most cats and dogs shed extra during the spring and fall. In the fall their bodies are...

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Valentine Gift Ideas for Pet Owners

If you're a client of the Peaks Pet Nanny obviously you love your pets. And chances are the people you love, love their pets, too. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we've compiled a list of a few gifts you might consider that will help you and your significant...

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