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The Best Pet Halloween Costumes for 2019

  As you prepare for Halloween festivities, don’t forget to include your pets in the fun! Follow the links provided to explore some of the cutest dog costumes and cat costumes of the year. Let your pets become their own enemies, like this super cute mouse costume...

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The Benefits of Having Pet Insurance

  There is nothing more important than keeping our dogs and cats healthy so they can live long lives. We love them, train them, hire professional pet sitters, and take them to the vet for an annual check-up. If your dog or cat gets sick or hurt, you would want to...

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WARNING! Clean Your Dryer Vents

TRUE STORY! We just had our dryer vent professionally cleaned and watched in absolute horror at the amount of lint and dust that was blown out—resembling mounds of dirty snow. The technician told us that if you have a dog or a cat, you should have your dryer vent...

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Moving With Your Cat

We recently reached out to some cat owners to ask what subjects they’d like addressed on our blog; amongst the most common answers was “How do I hide my cat from my landlord?” We at the Peaks Pet Nanny cannot ethically answer that question, but we can offer some...

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Why doesn’t my cat like me!?

How Cats Show Affection So you’ve always had dogs in your life who greeted you at the door, brought toys to you to play with, and snuggled with you every night. Now you have a cat who seems to ignore your existence. “Why doesn’t my cat like me!?” The answer: they...

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We Are Hiring Dog Walkers / Pet Sitters

Is working with Pets Your True Calling? The Peaks Pet Nanny - NJ's Premier and Most Reputable Pet Sitting Company is Hiring! We are Interviewing Dog Walkers/Pet Sitters for the following areas in New Jersey.   West Orange - Maplewood Lake Hopatcong - Mt....

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5 Easter Presents for Your Cat

  Why should humans have all the fun? Your feline friend can enjoy a festive Easter basket too. I don’t think any cat can resist the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Toy. It stimulates your cat’s natural pouncing instincts. The KONG Feather Teaser is designed for...

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10 Ways to Give Your Dog More Mental Stimulation

Is your dog bored? Need to keep them preoccupied? This list from Puppy Leaks offers some great advice on ways to exercise your dog’s mind. 1.) Have Your Dog Work For Their Food Instead of just handing your dog a treat, try giving it to them inside of a toy like a Kong...

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