CAT-SLEEPING-IN-SUNCats love sunbathing: it’s an evolutionary adaptation from desert climates, where you need to learn to love the heat to survive. When your cat sleeps its body temperature drops, so it loves basking in the sunlight to make up for that lost heat. Even so, you may want to be aware of signs that your cat may be experiencing over-exposure to the sun.

Consider the extraneous factors, like the cat’s coat and the climate you live in. Perpetually sunny climates, such as Florida or New Mexico, would obviously have increased risk as opposed to cloudier places, like Oregon. A cat with thin or light-colored hair is more prone to sunburn than a cat with dark hair. Light areas, such as the tips of the ears or the nose, are vulnerable.

There are simple solutions to make sunbathing safer. You may consider adding window shades or a reflective film to the glass to diffuse the sun rays. Avoid shaving your cat—their coats are protecting them. Consult your veterinarian if you notice hair loss around the edges of the ears or any thick, scaly spots.

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