As we approach Springtime, my dog has already begun the process of shedding her winter coat. Year-round shedding is regular for all animals with hair, but—generally speaking—most cats and dogs shed extra during the spring and fall. In the fall their bodies are preparing a winter coat; in the spring they grow a lighter coat for the summer.

Regular brushing is important for cats and dogs, especially during these periods of excessive shedding. Brushing stimulates blood circulation and helps facilitate the growth of their new coat. Grooming your cat will also help reduce the number of hairballs they produce, as you can collect the hair before they swallow it. Plus staying in control of your pet’s grooming will help you limit the amount of loose hair that winds up on your carpet, furniture, and wardrobe.

If your pet is like mine, their hair gets EVERYWHERE. If your vacuum cleaner just isn’t doing the trick, some hair-lifting methods you might consider are dryer sheets or rubber gloves. Sounds weird, I know, but the hair clings to them! And, of course, it’s always good to have a lint roller (or roll of duct tape) on hand.

If your furry best friend enjoys being brushed or combed, let us know. The Peaks Pet Nanny is happy to include a little “spa time” during our dog walking, pet sitting, or overnight care services.  Gentle brushing can have a calming and bonding effect with dogs and cats, and your pet’s happiness is our business.

Happy Spring from The Peaks Pet Nanny – providing professional and trustworthy pet sitting, cat sitting, dog walking, and overnight care in northern New Jersey.

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