Pet sitters and pet parents can make for a winning combination in pet care. The key is communication!

Pet sitters want to learn as much as possible about your pets. We want to know about  their health, their habits, their routine, and how they might react in certain situations. Here are some examples of vague communication, and stellar communication to help you know what level of detail your pet sitter needs to take great care of your pets!

pet sitter Too Vague: “Feed twice daily, ½ bowl full”

Great Information: “Feed 1 cup of X Brand dog food in the a.m., and 1 cup in the p.m. Food is in cupboard by the stove, and food bowl is located next to the kitchen sink.”

Too Vague: “Pills in the a.m.”

Great Information:  “Thor gets 1 tablet (25mg) of Rimadyl in the a.m. with food. Thor will readily take the pill in a Pill Pocket or cheese, but does not like peanut butter. Pills are located in the cabinet above the stove. Moxie will try to eat the pill if Thor drops it, so please make sure Moxie is  in the other room when giving medication.”

Too Vague:  “Buddy is afraid of the dog down the street.”

Great Information:  “The owners of grey house on the corner with the red door have a large brown mixed breed dog with black paws and ears. They do not leash the dog and it often runs out when we walk past with Buddy, and Buddy is now scared to walk by that home. Please walk Buddy in the opposite direction to avoid any altercations with their dog.”

Providing the right information, with all pertinent details, not only makes your sitter’s job easier, but keeps your pets happier and safer, which is the common goal we all share!


 ~ Courtesy of 2015 National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

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