I love putting my dog in cute (usually ill-fitting) costumes for Halloween…but she doesn’t like it at all! If you must subject your pet to this type of humiliation, why not offer them some special Halloween treats as a reward for their patience? Here are a handful of links with unique recipes you can try this Halloween season…

Candy Corn Dog Treats – Banana, yogurt, pumpkin, and an ice tray… These treats are incredibly simple, super cute, and (most importantly) your dog will love them.

Pumpkin Spice Puppuccinos – Now you can enjoy your pumpkin spice beverages alongside your best friend! Sarah Lukemire writes about this simple recipe that will help your pup embrace fall flavors.

Apple, Cinnamon, and Pumpkin Dog Cookies – These grain-free cookies are easy to bake, smell amazing, and are packed with nutritional benefits.

Pumpkin Tuna Treats – Mixing pumpkin with fish? Sounds a little strange, but your cat will love it!

Happy Halloween to your Four-Legged Family Members!

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