As we stumble our way towards the end of the year, suddenly the holiday season is upon us once again. Here are a few things to consider as you (and your pets) manage the guests, food, and stress throughout the coming months.

Control what your pet eats

A good general rule would be to explain to your guests that only you can decide what your pet eats. That means not letting them give your pet table scraps and encouraging them to be conscious of leaving food where your cat or dog can reach it.

Of course, you may want to give your pet something special to let them be a part of the festivities. Just do so responsibly; know what your pet can consume safely and what they cannot. Here is a helpful list of ten foods that can harmful to your pet from Petful.com.

Managing holiday stress

Seeing family and friends can be fun for your pets, but it can be stressful and anxiety-inducing as well. Always be conscious of how your guests (especially children) are behaving around your pet and vice versa. If you feel you need to separate your pet from the rest of the party at any time, make sure the space you provide them is somewhere they feel particularly “at home”, like a crate, pillow, or even your bedroom.

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