High-Rise Syndrome: Keep your cat safe

TomInformation provided by Tom; Peaks Pet Nanny servicing Wood Ridge and surrounding areas.

On these gorgeous, warm sunny days, people and pets alike want the windows open to let the fresh air in. But remember to keep an eye on your cat! The Animal Medical Center in New York City has seen so many injuries relating to pets—especially cats—falling from windows, they’ve coined the term “High-Rise Syndrome”. A cat falling from heights of two to seven stories can lead to injuries beyond just broken bones—there are cases of internal bruises or bleeding, bone fractures, and swelling of the brain.

Cats are, of course, famous for their unique ability to always land on their feet…which ironically is why veterinarians discovered cats falling from more than seven stories sustain less injury. As a cat twists to correct itself while falling, its body tenses up. Falling from greater heights allow the cat time to relax its body a bit—experiencing physical trauma while one’s body is relaxed is less dangerous than while the body is tense.

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