You may have noticed a similarity to last month’s blog post “how to find a reliable dog walker,” however, there’s so much more to pet sitting than just walking your dog! What if you need more than just an afternoon walk or playtime session with your pup? Do you have other pets in your house who needs care? Do you have weekend plans? A long, overdue vacation coming up? Hiring a reputable pet sitter offers so much more than just letting your dog out once a day!

What is a trustworthy pet sitter?

Employing a professional, reliable, and trustworthy pet sitter for your pets and your home can not only be a lifesaver but a total game changer! When pet parents choose to board their precious furry family members in a kennel or a facility, pets are no longer in their familiar and secure environment. While in a kennel or “pet hotel,” pets are likely to be surrounded by unfamiliar dogs or cats, leading to chronic stress, aggression, or even illness. Once dropped off, do our pets realize their owners will be back to pick them up? Sadly, probably not. We have heard from countless pet owners their dog or cat returned home ill or traumatized after spending time in a kennel or boarding facility.

In addition to pet sitting, reliable pet sitters also provide house sitting. The Peaks Pet Nanny is more than happy to feed the fish, bring in your mail, newspapers, and Amazon packages. Do you have plants or flowers that need water or lights turned on and off? You may feel funny asking a friend or neighbor to do all of these things for you. Why not get the whole package in a professional pet sitter! Not only will all of these services be included when you hire a reputable pet sitter, but your furry and feathered loved ones will be able to remain in the comfort and security of their homes. A trustworthy pet sitter will take care of your pets exclusively, providing meals, exercise, training treats, and peace of mind.

Want to find a reputable pet sitter in your area? A local, bonded, insured, and registered pet sitting company is a great place to start. An in-home pet care company that focuses only on pet sitting and dog walking with a team of pet sitters provides you with the pet care you expect, the knowledge that’s required. Many professional pet sitters have experience with dog training and can help enforce your pup’s leash manners or potty training with positive reinforcement and treats. The peace of mind knowing that your schedule requests are more likely to be accommodated in cases of emergency or on short notice. The Peaks Pet Nanny offers various options for trustworthy pet sitting and vacation care!

Here is a quick “menu” of The Peaks Pet Nanny pet sitting options:

30 min visit: $25
45 min visit: $35
60 min visit $45

Addtional Fees:
* Each Additional Kitty: $3 / visit
* Each Additional Dog: $3 / visit
* Weekend Visits $5 / visit
* Holidays Visits $10 / visit

How much should I pay an overnight pet sitter?

The Peaks Pet Nanny even offers overnight care, a convenient and great choice, especially for older or very young pets, pets with special needs. Of course, pet parents will receive the added benefit of having their home looked after too.

The Peaks Pet Nanny’s overnight care starts at $95 per night. Each additional cat or dog is only $3.

Where can I find reliable pet sitters?

A great place to search for reliable pet sitters is on social media such as FaceBook, FaceBook, private groups, and Instagram. Pet parents can source trustworthy pet sitters on business directories such as Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, The Better Business Bureau, to name a few.

When contacting a pet sitting company, ask if they conduct background checks? How do they schedule the pet sitting jobs? Are they a member of an association of professional pet sitters? Do they have experience with exotic pets? Are they familiar with various dog breeds and special needs that come with the unique characteristics of different types of dogs? Can you receive updates while the pet sitter is caring for your pets and home?

Bottom line, pet parents should do their homework to ensure their pets and home receive the best care available. Check Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. Call the company’s client referrals. A reliable pet sitter will bring an overwhelming sense of peace of mind while you are away!

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