If you are thinking about hiring a dog walker, it’s only natural to be concerned about your dog’s safety and security and your home as well. A dog walker will need to access your home while you are not there. How can you be sure you can trust the individual with access to your home and pets?

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There’s that word again. Trust. A reputable dog walking company will thoroughly vet, and background check anyone they hire. Looking for more assurance? Any dog walker who meets you for an initial consultation should have no problem addressing home access concerns and thoroughly discussing preferred ways of entry into your home. A trustworthy professional dog walker will handle disarming/arming alarms and won’t be nervous if you have surveillance cameras set up. When The Peaks Pet Nanny was established in 2004, security and surveillance cameras were not easily accessible for residential needs. We’ve built our reputation and earned our clients’ trust over years of providing impeccable, honest service. Nowadays, it’s very common for clients to have various camera systems in and around their homes. A professional dog walker will not hesitate to help a client with such a setup. First, it provides proof of a job well done, and second, we want our clients to feel at ease! If our clients are happy with that extra peace of mind, then we’re happy too!

Keeping Your Keys & Information Secure

Be sure to ask about privacy. How is your personal information protected? Who has access to it? How are credit cards and banking information handled? How are your house keys labeled? Who has access to them? How are they stored when not in use?

While protecting homes and keys is essential, there’s one other thing you should be extra vigilant in asking safety questions about your dog(s)!! A reputable, professional, trustworthy dog walker will ask you some precise questions to help keep your furry loved one safe while in their care. These questions may include: What style of leash or collar/harness does your dog use for walks? How are they when crossing paths with other people?…other dogs?…other animals in nature? Are there any homes in the neighborhood to avoid? What commands would you like reinforced on walks? (For example, does your dog sit before entering a crosswalk or when other dogs pass by?) Does your dog get nervous, agitated, or defensive when bicycles pass? Is your dog stressed from the loud sounds of diesel engines? Does your dog have a specific route he/she likes to take? Or a preferred area to do their “business”? All of these questions will help your dog walker assess the steps needed to keep your dog (and themselves!) as safe as possible, so don’t hold back on the details!

Keeping Your Pets Safe and Following Your Pet Care Instructions

A dog walker can visit multiple houses on any given day. There are many factors to consider when calculating an “average” number of dog walks a person can handle in one day. During our busiest times, a professional dog walker can have upwards of 20 client visits a day when vacation care is factored in. Not only does each home have its details, but each dog and pet does as well! That’s a lot of information to keep track of! Be sure your dog walker has a safe and effective way to remember everything and access these details when needed. As for The Peaks Pet Nanny, we use Power Pet Sitter, a software designed just for pet sitting/dog walking businesses. It allows us to keep all of your personal information and details about your pets in one safe and secure online location. So when you meet a potential new dog walker, the more information you can share, the better!

Is it Safe To Hire a Dog Walker During Covid-19?

An interesting aside to this conversation in 2021 is how Covid-19 has affected the needs of our clients. Many of our daily dog walking clients found themselves working from home throughout the pandemic. While some now do not require a daily dog walker, we still recommend scheduling one even while you are working from home. As the pandemic wore on, many clients realized they could not step away from their home computers as easily as they perhaps initially thought. Hiring a professional dog walker ensures that your beloved pooch will still get the exercise and potty breaks they need. Taking a nap after a nice long walk or playtime also helps cut down on the chances your pup will decide the most effective way to get more attention is to video-bomb your important company Zoom meeting! A dog walker should not make you feel uncomfortable in your own home while you are also there. You should feel at ease with this person, and in today’s day and age, that may include asking your dog walker to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer while in your home. Be sure to discuss any expectations you have for following proper CDC-recommended Covid-19 guidelines.  

– Written by Renee Miners. Professional Peaks Pet Nanny Since 2005

Renee Services Rockaway, Wharton, Dover, Mine Hill Randolph, Ledgewood, Roxbury, Succasunna, and Mendham, NJ

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