dog sitting njNo doubt you are spending a lot of time sitting at home distancing yourself from others during the quarantine and following social distancing guidelines.

Are you becoming fidgety due to the lack of movement or action you are able to do for exercise? It isn’t just you, but your dog as well! Both stimulation and movement are good for our four-legged pets, both physically and mentally. Take some of these ideas and try them out with your pet to get some action going, all while staying safe.

Play Tug of War

Simple indoor playtime like tug of war is a great way to keep your pet engaged. It stimulates them through physical activity but also endears them to you as an owner. Dogs that play tug of war with their owner have been shown to have higher confidence and are more obedient. Plus you can easily play it in the confines of your living room to adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

Train Your Dog

This is the perfect time to teach your dog a new skill. Even old dogs can learn new tricks, contrary to popular belief. Dogs love to learn, and with being cooped up all day, teaching your dog provides mental and physical stimulation they crave. Teaching your dog a trick such as cleaning up their own toys gives you a bit of a break as well! 

Activity Course

If you are more of the creative, handy type, try building an obstacle course for your dog to navigate. Set up loops, jumps, and a home-made pathway to give them a bit of exercise and excitement. 

Hide the Biscuit

Take your dog’s favorite treat and hide it somewhere in the house. This can become a very creative activity for both you and your dog. Plus it rewards their good behavior with a snack at the end of the hunt!


A nice game of fetch covers everything a dog owner would be looking for to stimulate their furry friend. This can be played indoors, though it is recommended to use a light ball in case of an errant throw. If you have a private yard to use, this activity is even better for both you and your friend!

Put Your Dog to Work

Teach your dog to help you with some chores around the house. Put them to work fetching a few of your items such as slippers or even getting you a refreshment from the fridge. Simply tie a towel around the door handle and have your dog use the towel to open the door! 

Go For a Local Walk

In these times, taking social distancing guidelines seriously is key to this activity…but with caution and know your route, you can safely take a walk or jog with your pet. Take a path you know will have fewer interactions and always keep your distance. This will get you fresh air and dosage of wonderful vitamin D! 

These are just a few of the many activities you can do with your four-legged friend during these distancing times. Get creative and stay active!

by Ryan Kypers

The Peaks Pet Nanny – providing professional and trustworthy pet sitting, cat sitting, dog walking, and overnight care in northern New Jersey since 2004.

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