We are officially entering the “Holiday Season”, which produces about the same levels of joy as it does stress and anxiety for people AND pets. Here are a few bits of advice on how to help your cats & dogs make it through these next few months as comfortably as possible.

Supervising Visitors

When hosting guests it is easy to get caught up in making sure people are entertained, food is prepared, etc.—but always keep an eye on how your pet is behaving and how your guests (especially children) are behaving around your pet. Children of all ages need to be advised to treat dogs and cats gently and with respect.

Provide a Safe Space

If you feel you need to separate your pet from the rest of the party at any time, make sure the space you provide them is somewhere they feel particularly “at home”, like a crate, pillow, or even your bedroom. If you and your pet are traveling together during the holidays, make sure their travel accommodations feel homey as well. Bring their personal pillow or even one of your own t-shirts.

Maintain Their Regular Schedule

You may need to adjust your daily routine over the next few months, allocating time to visit family & friends, go holiday shopping, decorating your home, etc. But you should still find a way to make your pet feel as though their schedule is consistent. If you feed your cat a specific time each morning, you should wake up to feed them (even if you have off from work and really wish you could sleep in). If your dog needs their daily walk, find the time to take them (maybe it will even help relieve some stress for yourself).

Of course, we know sometimes your schedule and your pets are not always so easy to reconcile. The Peaks Pet Nanny is always available for your pet sitting needs. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the chaos of the season, we are here to help you and your pets feel as stress-free as possible!

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