A Warm Welcome to Jude

Jude resides in Long Valley has been taking care of pets for the last 25 years. During that time she has worked in a number of Veterinary Hospitals including specialty practices as a registered Animal Health Technician.

During her time in Canada, Jude had the chance to live in the Yukon, where she had the amazing opportunity to work with the Iditarod dog sled teams and also experience the great outdoors.

Jude provides dog walking, pet sitting, and overnight stays. Jude also has experience medicating pets (Injectable, Tablets, Liquids, Eye & Ear Preparations) Geriatric care, Physical Therapy, and Behavioral Training.

Jude shares her home with 3 rescue dogs, chicken, ducks, and the two humans who the critters allow to live with them. When Jude is not taking care of her little farm she enjoys cycling, baking, furniture refinishing, and hugs and kisses for all her four-legged fur babies.

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