Brenda cannot remember a time when her “extended family” did not include a multitude of members and house guests with fur, feathers, scales, or fins. Horses, a pony, a goat, a skunk, falcons, a crow, ducks, chickens, fish, hamsters, gerbils, lizards, and snakes as well as many dogs, cats and indoor birds grew to ripe old ages as beloved members of the family, so it’s no wonder that she has a fierce love for animals and an intuitive understanding of them.

In college, she was a valued member of Montclair’s Intercollegiate Equestrian Team. A more recent passion is the sport of agility in which she participated with and trained her Shiba Inus, Koji-san and Kitsune, who was the recipient of the AKC Special Award of Merit, Top Shiba Inu 2004. “Orphan” Annie, a Shiba-Carolina Dog mix, joined the family as a result of her volunteer work with animal rescues.

Brenda has a vast knowledge of tick-borne diseases and has spent many hours conversing with leading authority Dr. Cynthia Holland of Protatek Laboratories in Arizona. Brenda’s interest in animal nutrition resulted in her developing a line of gluten-free, grain-free, all-natural treats beloved of dogs, cats, birds, and other critters and has been instrumental to her pursuit of a career as a Clinical Pet Nutritionist. She also has certification in Pet First Aid and CPR.

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