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Our Dog Sitting Service in NJ

dog sitting in nj

Our furry client Bowie

We understand (first-hand) how difficult it can be to leave home without our furry family members. We also understand that sometimes situations arise, and it’s not always possible to bring along our pets while traveling for work, vacation, or visiting friends and family. In times like these, the best option is to hire a Professional Pet Nanny to provide convenient and customized in-home pet care for the fur-kids.

Our Pet Nannies use their pet care experience and knowledge to take care of your pet, even in uncommon situations. Whether you need pet sitting for occasional weekend trips, or require pet sitting while regularly traveling for work, our dedicated Pet Nannies are here to help. 

For our dog sitting service, most pups require 3 or 4 visits each day, spaced out as evenly as possible: morning, afternoon, dinner and, bedtime. Some dogs have specific needs (such as puppies, pets that require medication, or senior dogs) and may need 5 or 6 visits each day. If you prefer Overnight Care (a Pet Nanny sleeps over) – we are happy to help. We will discuss your pet’s personality, specific needs, the normal routine and then create a custom schedule per your wishes.


 Dog Sitting Rates

  • $30  per 30 minute visit
  • $40  per 45 minute visit
  • $50  per 60 minute visit

$5 for each additional dog, per visit.

Complimentary Services 

  •  Video, text, and photo updates
  •  A written report at the end of each visit
  •  Freshwater and feeding
  •  Winter Wipe-Downs
  •  Ear scratches, cuddles, and belly rubs
  •  Administering Medication
  • Fetching the mail and deliveries
  • Watering outdoor flowers and indoor plants

Weekends & Holidays

Pet care is in high demand on weekends and especially around the holidays. Our Pet Nannies are often scheduled in advance. Because we strive to provide high-quality care for each client, we do not accept more visits than we can properly manage. The following fees apply for weekends and holidays:

Weekends: $5 per visit

Holidays: $10 per visit

Holidays Include: Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day

Benefits of Choosing The Peaks Pet Nanny

Hiring a pet sitter is no longer considered a luxury. It has become a necessity and often more affordable than kenneling, especially multiple pets. Usually, kennels charge more for “add-ons” like the extra time out of their crate or run, providing necessary medication or even feeding the pet their regular food.  More and more owners choose to use a professional pet sitting company to take advantage of all the benefits such care provides:

  • Pets are happier in their own home and less stressed
  • Their diet and exercise routine will remain consistent
  • Eliminated travel trauma, for both pet and owner
  • Exposure to illness is eliminated
  • No longer impose on friends or neighbors by asking for favors
  • Peace of mind knowing an experienced Pet Nanny will take the best care of your furry best friend

The Peaks Pet Nannies are skilled and dedicated to providing the best care possible.  Many of our Pet Nannies have been with our company for several years, some over a decade. They have heart and compassion and truly love their furry customers. Our incredible team has been carefully cultivated since 2004, and many nannies are clients, friends, and family members.  Many Pet Nannies have dog training experience, volunteer with shelters and rescue organizations, or foster pets. Most Pet Nannies are certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. We are passionate about pets and love working with animals. Every member of our caring team strives to provide the best service possible, time, and time again.

Each member of our Pet Nanny Team are thoroughly interviewed, in-person, by Gina & Patric Brugna, who are both former corporate staffing managers, supervisors, and recruiters. 

Peaks Pet Nanny Checklist

  • Professional references are contacted & backgrounds checked.
  • New Pet Nannies shadow a seasoned Peaks Pet Nanny during their training phase.
  • All Pet Nannies are insured and bonded through The Peaks Pet Nanny.
  • Comfortable working with various types of pets and pet personalities.
  • Experience or willingness to learn how to administer medication.
  • Works as a team, providing backup coverage in case of emergencies or scheduled time off.
  • Passionate about animals who love their job and more than happy to go over and beyond.


Why The Peaks Pet Nanny is Preferred

If a busy schedule keeps you on-the-go, you’ve most likely already considered various pet care options. Asking friends or family for a favor, online apps with people that never met you or your pets, or hiring a hobby “pet sitter” without a backup plan if they should become sick or unavailable.  A hobby pet sitter or a neighbor might not understand what to do if a pet is nervous, hyper, or becomes ill. Without experience in animal care, these are the type of situations pet owners might receive frantic calls and return home as quickly as possible. Most pet parents prefer not to impose on neighbors or friends, especially when their pet might need more care than expected. 

There are a few options for pet owners to think over carefully. However, only a professional pet sitting company can truly deliver a team of first-rate and dependable pet nannies and provide consistency in their services, trust, a bond with your pet, and invaluable peace of mind.


Dog Sitting Services Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you need a cat sitter or a dog sitter, our experienced, Professional Pet Nannies are ready to help. We know each pet and pet owner is unique, so we strive to personalize our services to every client. With our pet sitting services, your pet stays at home surrounded by their familiar smells, sights, and comfortable environment. Our Pet Nannies adore animals and are carefully selected to provide the best possible care.


What to Expect from Our Pet Nannies

Our Pet Nannies will make sure your pet is properly fed, walked, cuddled (if they like cuddling), and medication as directed.  They will also look after your home and make sure it’s safe and secure. Feel free to express your specific needs; we are always happy to help. We will visit your dog as frequently as you need us to, and take care of their well-being while you’re away. Keeping your pets and house safe and sound is our top priority. 


How to Find the Best Dog Sitter in New Jersey?

While it might be tempting to reach out to a teenager and give them a little cash to take care of your dog, keep in mind the old saying, “you get what you pay for.”  How will a teen handle inclement weather, unforeseen situations, or emergencies? Unexpected situations happen all the time, and it could play a significant role in your pet’s health or requiring you to alter a busy schedule if they decide they can’t visit as promised. Numerous times, we have helped pet owners calling in sheer panic because the person they had lined-up canceled the last minute or didn’t even show up.

Relying on people who aren’t professionals can backfire at the worst possible moment.

Our team of mature, devoted animal lovers are experienced and knowledgable about proper pet care. We understand how much you love your pet, and we always strive to provide the best care possible. Our Pet Nannies ensure your pet is at ease and comfortable in the familiar sights and smells of their own home. We handle their daily routine including (but limited to) walks, playtime, feeding, love, and personal attention while making sure your home is safe and secure. Our visits are customized for each client.

The Peaks Pet Nanny goes “over & beyond.” We hear our clients’ appreciation and gratitude all the time (and it never gets old!). In addition to pet care,  our pet nannies are happy to help around the house, including collecting the mail, bringing in deliveries, watering indoor plants or, outdoor flowers. If you have any special requests, please ask. You can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that your pets and home are safe & sound and in the capable hands of a Pet Nanny.


Schedule Professional Dog Sitting

 Please email gina@thepeakspetnanny.com  or call 973-601-3035 to schedule a free consultation. We will have a detailed conversation about you, your pet, and your specific needs. We will happily answer all your questions.  Your satisfaction and your pet’s well-being are our top priorities. See what our existing clients have to say about us!

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