There is nothing more important than keeping our dogs and cats healthy so they can live long lives. We love them, train them, hire professional pet sitters, and take them to the vet for an annual check-up.

If your dog or cat gets sick or hurt, you would want to give it the best possible treatment and care. This is why pet insurance can be really important to have.

How Pet Insurance Can Help
Pet insurance is a policy that will cover most injuries, accidents, or illnesses that your pet might have. If your pup gets really sick or hurt, pet insurance helps you pay to get your dog or cat the best care possible.

The best pet insurance policies today will pay up to 90% of the vet bill, which can be a big saving since the cost of treatment today is so expensive! Pet insurance will not only pay for the treatment but most of the other testing that comes with it.

How Pet Insurance Works
There are three different kinds of coverage:

#1 Comprehensive Pet Insurance
Comprehensive pet insurance is the best, most all-inclusive of the plans and is usually the most recommended. Comprehensive plans include coverage for most injuries, accidents, diabetes, chronic allergies, and almost all other incidents or illnesses that your pet might encounter.

#2 Accident Only Pet Insurance
Accident only pet insurance, as the name implies, covers only accidents. It will also cover swallowed objects and anything accident-related.

#3 Wellness Pet Insurance
Wellness pet insurance is coverage for routine and preventative care visits and procedures like vaccines, spaying/neutering, and some dental care.

Benefit Limits
Benefit limits are the amount that each pet insurance company will pay out each year. This is an important factor because you want don’t want to hit a cap on your vet bills.

Some pet insurance companies offer unlimited benefits, which is always better because you don’t have to worry about reaching a limit if your pet gets very sick or hurt.

Deductibles and Reimbursement
A deductible is an amount you first pay on each vet bill before the pet insurance company pays you back. The annual deductible is a one-time payment each year.
Some companies offer a per-incident deductible which lets you pay a deductible for each condition or illness.

When it comes to reimbursements, you can usually choose a reimbursement rate from 65% to 90% of the vet bill. If you go for the higher end, you will probably have to pay a higher premium.

Should You Purchase Pet Insurance?
Pet insurance is valuable to have if your dog or cat gets sick or injured.
With a cost ranging from $80 to $200 a month, it could be a good investment.

There might be some years where your dog or cat is healthy all-year-long and you are paying for something that you might not need.

But, it is nice to know that you can always afford to pay for any major medical bill or just a simple accident that might occur with your pet, whether that’s today or in the future.

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