When it comes to the care of our animals, pet parents want the best. That extends to what food they eat, where they sleep, and who cares for them when we can’t! Unfortunately, with the overabundance of pet care choices, knowing what’s best for your family can take time. Here we’ll explore why in-home pet sitting is typically the best option for pets and their people.

No Competition for Attention

Your pets will get minimal attention in kennel settings, and the kennel may even charge extra for as much as 30 minutes of playtime! In-Home boarding at a sitter’s home does provide more attention. Still, other pets are often present—with either boarders or the sitter’s personal animals. This not only takes away attention that could otherwise be paid to your pet, but the presence of unknown animals can cause stress to yours. The other animals could clash with yours, and fights may occur. Even if they don’t interact, being near strange animals can cause high-stress levels in your pet.

Comforts of Home Alleviate Stress

If you choose a boarding kennel, your pet may spend most of the day in a cage or small kennel. They may also spend much time crated or in a small, unfamiliar space at a pet border. In your home, your pet will have all its needs met. Their own bed, bowls, litter box, yard, and all your familiar smells are all around them. This can help your pet feel safer and less anxious about you being away. This can be especially beneficial to pet cats. Our feline friends do poorly with a change and can undergo immense stress with a change of environment. This can also weaken their immune system and put them at risk of illness, which is already increased being around other pets!

You Know Where Your Pet (and Stuff!) Is

As silly as it sounds, you’ll know your pet’s location if you have an in-home sitter. Many kennels or vets who board doesn’t allow pet parents in the back to see their pets’ accommodations. Even fewer boarders invite any clients into their homes. So when your pet remains in your home, you know the entire environment is safe and pet-proof, and you can install things like cameras to check in on your pet. Additionally, your pet’s belongings—food, toys, beds/blankets, walking gear, and medication are at hand. They can’t be lost in another location or mixed up with another animal.

The Peaks Pet Nanny Perks

As one of the premier pet-sitting companies in New Jersey for nearly two decades, The Peaks Pet Nanny goes above and beyond. Finding someone who will look after your pet for a fee may be easy, but the challenging part is finding someone you feel safe with. In-home pet sitting with Peaks Pet Nanny is a company you know will take the best care of your fur baby. While anyone can call themselves a “pet sitter,” only The Peaks Pet Nanny has a dependable, background-checked Team to provide your pets with the best care and who can be trusted to stay in your home. In-home pet sitting gives your pet all the attention they deserve and helps them stick to a predictable routine where they feel calm and secure, even when you must be away.

– By Tracie Koehnlein

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