One of my favorite pairs of pups to visit are Cash & Sage, and they love getting peanut butter in their Kong toys…especially Cash.

As soon as they come in from their walk Cash immediately seeks out his Kong and brings it to me, their Pet Nanny, simply giddy with anticipation. And on the rare occasion Cash cannot locate his Kong, be prepared for Cash’s cries!

Stuffing a Kong is a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated and entertained. They can be particularly helpful when you need to keep your dog preoccupied when you’re busy.

Although my friends Cash & Sage love their regular peanut butter treats, there are many types of foods you can put in a Kong toy: fruits, vegetables, kibble, dog treats!

  • By K. Kypers.  Pet Sitter and Dog Walker for The Peaks Pet Nanny in Sussex, NJ

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