Meet Corinne 


Pet Nanny Since August 2021


Corinne lives in Springfield with her husband, four children, and her 80 pound Old English Bulldog, Zamboni. She graduated from business school with an Associates’s Degree in Fashion in 1994 and started her fast-paced career. After marriage, Corinne and her husband were always on the go with their growing family. The crazy rat race of commuting to work and traveling for business made life hectic.  She accepted a rewarding position as a Nanny and never looked back. Corinne was a Nanny for the same family for seven years, followed by working with her Mom at her in-home daycare while
raising her four children.
Having cats and dogs her entire life, and being a pet lover by nature, Corinne began helping people with their pet sitting needs. Corinne has been helping family and neighbors with their pets for years and is thrilled to extend her care and service as a Peaks Pet Nanny.  She treats all pets as her own and loves it when her furry friends are so happy and excited to see her.

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