Meet Gay

Cathy 2008

Pet Nanny Since June 2018

Always an animal lover, Gay brought home her first kitten home when she was 7 years old. A neighborhood kid had removed the kitten from the Mother cat, and his Mom said “No”, so Gay took her home, where she was accepted and loved. The kitten was named Peanuts, as she was kept in a Planter’s Peanuts Box with a warm blanket and an alarm clock to simulate the mother’s heartbeat. Gay would love to rescue a pit bull, as she helped and loved raising her son’s 6-month-old pitbull, Tyson when he moved back home from Florida after Hurricane Sandy. One look at that little face when her son’s car pulled up to her house and she was hooked. Working with animals is something Gay has always wanted to do, as she has a deep love for all animals. Gay resides in West Caldwell with her two cats, Calie, 19 years old and Bella, 9 years old. There has always been a cat or two in Gay’s life since her first cat, Peanuts.  Gay is looking forward to taking care of the furry clients of the Peaks Pet Nanny. This is a “dream come true” job.

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