Meet Heidi

Cathy 2008

Pet Nanny Since January 2017

Heidi grew up in New York City and has always surrounded herself with as many pets as possible. Her first experiences with pets came from living on Long Island with her first cat loves, Frosty and Zany, and doggie Duke. She now lives in Phillipsburg, New Jersey and does freelance editing work while taking care of her four cats, her dog Banshee, and three fish tanks. Heidi has experience administering medication, including insulin and subcutaneous fluids.  In December 2016 she lost her best cat friend of 15 years, Samhain, and decided it was time to do something more in line with where her heart is, so she sought out The Peaks Pet Nanny to enable her to share the love, not only with her other pets but with yours as well!

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