Meet Jeanie

Cathy 2008

Pet Nanny Since November 2022

Jeanie lives in a small comfortable home with a few “creature” comforts. Their names are ManFred (her pup), Gracie Marie, her 17 yr old kitty, and her 2 yr old, recently rescued Feral kitty, Mini. Jeanie had always had animals in her life from when she brought home her first stray cat and dog when she was 5. Growing up near Becker’s Farm, she was exposed to all types of animals. She worked at Force Farm as a teen, brushing the horses for riding privileges.  
When living in Connecticut, she was involved with rescuing all types of injured animals (her favorite was baby chipmunks), nursing them back to health, and feeling a sense of pride when they could be set free to live their critter life.
Jeanie graduated from Livingston High School, went on to Berkeley College to study Business, married and had three beautiful daughters, and now is the proud Nana of 4 grandchildren. Coming out of retirement, Jeanie decided to do what she loved best, caring for pets of all kinds and making new friends along the way.

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