Meet Kim

Cathy 2008

Pet Nanny Since March 2017

Kim is a payroll and clerical assistant in Rutherford as well as a lifelong animal lover. She grew up with two horses and a multitude of dogs, cats, and small lizards. She started her college career at the University of Florida in pursuit of a zoological field and will turn her sights in that direction again someday. She has volunteered with rescue groups in Florida and has experience with animals while working in a veterinary clinic. Currently, Kim’s animal menagerie includes her amazing German Shepherd mix, Eleanor “Renegade” Coyote, a former feral tomcat turned domestic, Ferguson Domesticus, and his stray kitten, Plain Ol’ George, who said the former feral cat had found in the driveway and amazingly taken care of on his own. Her neighbor’s cat, Kit-Cat Paddywack Radagast the Brown, is also an honorary member of the family as he visits the gang every day for breakfast. In her free time, Kim enjoys thinking up complicated names for her future pets, plays classical piano as well as the concert grand harp, and is currently trying her hand at the bass.”

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