Meet Marlene

Cathy 2008

Pet Nanny Since September 2018

Marlene has a small house in Hawthorne that she shares with her three kitties – Midnight, Dexter and Celeste. There have always been animals in her life – dogs, cats, and random parakeet or canary. Marlene retired from her bookkeeping job at a church in Wyckoff a few years ago. Marlene has four adult children and four granddaughters. She has found that she’s happiest when she is busy. The Peaks Pet Nanny seemed like the answer to Marlene’s question: What do I want to be when I grow up? Marlene was already a happy client of The Peaks Pet Nanny, and the idea of being able to combine her love for animals with some flexibility in schedule appeared to be the perfect fit! She greatly looks forward to making lots of animal friends and some human ones as well.

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