Meet Robin

Cathy 2008

Peaks Pet Nanny Since October 2012

Robin was raised on a poultry farm and has a long history of caring for animals so it’s no surprise she decided to join The Peaks Pet Nanny. Her 35-year career as a Legal Secretary was an unusual one as the office in which she worked was very animal-friendly. Client’s pets, the staff’s pets, wounded birds and squirrels, and more all found lodging in the office at various times.  Robin and her husband have two grown daughters who keep a steady stream of cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and a chicken flock. In Robin’s perfect world, she’d have several acres and a barn filled with chickens, ducks, goats, alpacas, many more cats, and perhaps a pair of Border Collies or Aussies (or both). Robin also has experience administering medication, including insulin.

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