new client consultMany small businesses to major corporations are still reeling from Covid-19. The pet-sitting and dog walking industry in New Jersey and across the United States are struggling to stay afloat. Sadly, many pet sitting businesses have closed their doors permanently.

However, we believe brighter days are ahead!

When our customers start to venture out again, The Peaks Pet Nanny will be here providing dependable, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, and Overnight Care.

We are keeping our chins up and pushing ahead. Not just waiting for circumstances to change, but doing everything we can on our end to see our business continue to go in the right direction!

But we need YOUR HELP

We’ve always realized that pet parents look for a reputable pet sitter when they NEED a pet sitter. Not when they see an advertisement.

When pet owners need dependable pet care in New Jersey, the first step is usually a Google search. They might find a few companies that service their town, but what they are really looking for is the REVIEWS.

That is why it’s SO IMPORTANT to leave a review for your Pet Nanny Today!

Where can you leave Us a review??  Glad you asked 🙂


Already left us a Google Review? Thank You!!  These are helpful too…



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Please Leave Us a Review, on any (or all) of these helpful sites!

Your testimonial speaks volumes to new customers who are lucky enough to find us…and we are certainly lucky to find them too!

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