Service Agreement

The Peaks Pet Nanny Service Agreement

Office Hours

Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Messages are checked in the evenings and on weekends.


The Peaks Pet Nanny is a “reservation service” where pet sitting & dog walking is booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. While we will try to help with last-minute needs, we cannot provide an “on-call” service.

– Contact the Office to schedule or cancel service (not your pet nanny). We are available by email,  phone, 973-601-3035, or schedule online, anytime, at

– Late (after 5pm) or Same Day requests allow for less time in coordinating coverage and incur a $5 surcharge.

– To be covered under our liability insurance & honesty bond, all scheduling must be made through the Office and not through your pet nanny. Nannies are happy to provide text or telephone updates, however, please do not contact a nanny to schedule or cancel service, as they cannot change your schedule or update your billing.

Visitation Times

We will make every effort to visit during the requested time frames. If an unforeseen situation arises, times may be adjusted or nannies might be switched. We require at least (2) two-hour window of time for all visits.

Cancellation Policy

We carefully plan out our schedules to meet the specific needs of as many clients as possible. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. Please keep in mind we may have turned away other clients or altered personal commitments. We are very fortunate to have a team of devoted nannies and we believe they deserve to be fairly compensated when booked visits are cancelled on short notice.

– Daily Dog Walking & Occasional Visits: Cancel by 5pm the night before. Any cancellations after 5pm, or the same day, are billed at the full rate.

– Vacation Care: Once an appointment begins, any visits that were booked and no longer needed are invoiced at the full rate, as this time was reserved for your visits.

*Exceptions are made for late and same cancellations due to inclement weather.

Confirmation E-mails

Once an appointment is approved, a confirmation will be emailed. Please review your confirmation carefully and advise the Office if any changes are needed. Confirmation emails also serve as your invoice.


– Checks: Payable to “The Peaks Pet Nanny” and are mailed directly to the Office.  Please do not leave payment behind for your pet nanny to collect.

– Credit Cards: The credit card on file will be charged for each completed appointment plus a 3% processing fee. All future invoices will default to the credit card on file.

– Payment for Daily Dog Walking: Statements are emailed from QuickBooks at the end of each month and payment is due upon receipt.

– Payment for Vacation Care: Checks are due prior to your departure. If paying by credit card, the card on file will be charged upon your return.

Returned Checks

A $35 fee will apply for any returned checks.


Are not expected, but always appreciated and are passed directly to your pet nanny(s). Gratuities can be added onto your appointment. You may also mail a check to the Office or leave behind a check or cash specifically marked for your nanny(s).

“Honey, I’m Home” (Vacation Care)

Contact the Office when you have returned home safely and your pets are back in your care. We look forward to hearing your feedback and will relay any messages to your pet nanny.

Entry into Your Home

If keys are needed to enter your home, we require 2 copies of your key.  One key is kept with your pet nanny and the second key is secured at our Office or with a back-up pet nanny. Back-up keys are invaluable if your pet nanny is sick or has an unforeseen emergency and a back-up pet nanny is needed.

– Label all keys with your pet’s names (not an address or last name).

– If a door has multiple locks, it is best to provide a key for each lock to avoid any mishaps.

– Keys are collected and tested at the new client consult to ensure they work properly.

– If you decide not to keep your keys on file, or if keys are not provided during the new client consult, a $20 key pick-up or return charge may apply.

– If a garage code is provided, please provide or hide a back- up key, as doors may not be operational in the event of a power outage. (Do not provide a garage door openers).

– Clients may also hide a key in a secure location for our use.

Access to Your Home by Others

For our safety, please inform your nanny if other people will be entering your home. The Peaks Pet Nanny is not liable for the acts of third parties, whether known or unknown. This includes but is not limited to; friends, neighbors, relatives or other service persons who enter your home. Our liability insurance & honesty bond may become null and void if others are present in your home.

All Pets Under One Roof

Please advise of all of the pets living in the home.  We want to be sure cats or other furry friends don’t try escape while we are providing service.

Pet Behavior

Animal behavior can be unpredictable. The Peaks Pet Nanny does not accept responsibility for animal behavior which results in self-inflicted injury, injury to other animals, injury to a third party or damage to the client’s property.

If a pet nanny is bitten, injured, or exposed to Rabies, the client accepts full responsibility and cost of any necessary medical expenses, damage to a pet nanny’s property, or to a third party.  It’s the client’s responsibility that all pets are up to date with their Rabies vaccinations.


Will be given as directed, but a Peaks Pet Nanny cannot be held responsible for any complications that may arise. Excessively shy pets with medical problems can be a serious risk. If you have such an animal, this must be thoroughly discussed.

Contagious Diseases & Fleas

If a pet exhibits symptoms of fleas, kennel cough, the canine flu or any other contagious disease, contact your vet and cancel service. Our pet nannies cannot take the risk of infecting other client’s pets or their own.

Pet Accidents

We will do our best to clean up any accidents. The Peaks Pet Nanny is not responsible for any stains or damage caused by the client’s pets. All cleaning products, paper towels, trash bags, etc. are to be provided by the client and readily available.


All supplies (leash, food, treats, medication, kitty litter, etc.) will be provided by the client and readily available. If we need to purchase supplies, a $20 fee plus the amount of reimbursement will be added onto the invoice.

The Outdoors

Dogs will be leashed during walks. Leashes, harnesses and collars with Identification Tags are to be provided and readily available.

Fenced-in yards are wonderful play areas; however, fence systems are not completely secure. The Peaks Pet Nanny does not accept responsibility if a client’s pet escapes, is injured, becomes lost, fatal or otherwise, when pets are left out or given access to a fenced-in area. This includes electronic, wood, metal or any other fence types.

Inclement Weather

– Vacation Care. We will use our best judgment during times of bad weather and will try to carry out the schedule to the best of our ability. We have requested an “inclement weather contact” who has access to your home. If we are unable to drive, we will try to reach your contact to request assistance. If an inclement weather contact is not provided or is unavailable, we will provide service, once road conditions allow us to reach your home safely.

– Daily Dog Walking will be canceled for a “State of Emergency” or if roads are dangerous to travel. Clients will be notified by email if daily dog walking is cancelled due to inclement weather.

Veterinarian Care

If emergency care becomes necessary, The Peaks Pet Nanny will attempt to contact the client. If the client cannot be reached, The Peaks Pet Nanny is authorized to act on the client’s behalf for the pet’s medical care.

– We reserve the right to utilize the services of any available veterinary clinic. If time or location permits, we will attempt to utilize your primary veterinarian.

– The Peaks Pet Nanny assumes no responsibility for the loss of any pets and is released from all liability related to transportation, treatment and expense. The client is responsible for any and all charges incurred during treatment of their pets, including the pet nanny’s time and travel: $20 for each half hour.

Our Privacy Policy

All information will be kept private and confidential. The Peaks Pet Nanny highly respects our clients entrusting us with the care of their home and their pets.


The Peaks Pet Nanny’s policies and are subject to change. The current version can always be found at