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Dog Walking in New Jersey

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Our furry client Dozer

Every pet owner with a busy lifestyle understands the difficulty of leaving their furry family members home alone. Worrying about your dog while you’re dealing with a hectic schedule can be stressful. Busy pet parents with long hours realize their pets may lack exercise, attention, and mental stimulation.  Hiring a professional dog walker will assist your pet’s exercise needs and provide peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is well-taken care of by a dependable pet nanny.

Besides providing companionship and exercise, professional dog walkers have first-hand knowledge and experience working with pups. The Peaks Pet Nanny is equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to dog care. We will ensure your best friend receives first-class attention by providing dogs with exercise, socialization, and customized care solutions.

Contact Us and we will gather your information, explain our services in detail, and happily answer all your questions. We will match a dedicated Peaks Pet Nanny and schedule a complimentary consultation with you and your pets. During the new client consultation, our Pet Nanny will learn your pet’s personality, specific needs, and tailor our services accordingly. We customize our visits to each client’s needs and wishes.



Routine Dog Walks / Set Schedule

Midday dog walks on a set schedule & receive a VIP discount! A minimum of two (2) scheduled visits every week on a recurring & monthly basis.

  • 30 min visit: $25
  • Each addtitional dog: $5


Dog Walks / Scheduled As Needed

  • 30 min visit: $28
  • 45 min visit: $38
  • 60 min visit $48
  • Each additional dog: $5

Complimentary Services

  • Video, text, and photo updates
  • Report for each visit
  • Freshwater & feeding
  • Winter Wipe-Downs
  • Ear scratches, cuddles, and belly rubs
  • Assist senior or “differently-abled” pets
  • Administer Medication
  • Help potty train puppies with positive reinforcement & treats
  • Assist with your pup’s training or special commands
  • Play your dog’s favorite games – like hide & seek the treat!


Holidays & Weekends

Holidays and weekends are busy times for pet care services. Pet sitting and overnight care are in high demand, and our pet nannies are booked in advance. We strive to provide quality over quantity and can only schedule a limited amount of appointments.

  • Weekends: $5 per visit
  • Holidays: $10 per visit
  • Late & Same Day Requests: $10 per visit

Holidays Include: Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day


What To Expect From The Peaks Pet Nanny

We take great pride in providing the best possible care for all of our clients. Trustworthy pet care is the core of our business, and we understand the anxiety that comes with hiring the right person. We will care for your best friend, make sure they have a chance to burn off excess energy, play games, perhaps learn a new trick, while preventing loneliness or boredom.

We treat each furry client just like our own.  Strong bonds are formed between our Pet Nannies and our furry clients with recurring visits.  It’s our pleasure to provide every dog personal care and attention, and on a regular basis, so we created our discounted Daily Dog Walking Rewards program.

Our dog walkers are ideal for helping your furry friend. They can help crate train puppies and also assist senior dogs. We walk one dog at a time and only provide group walks to dogs from the same household that can be safely walked together.  This way, we reduce the stress of meeting unfamiliar dogs, and we can ensure their safety and wellbeing.

  • Dogs are much happier in their own home
  • Exercise, socialization, and playtime
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Eliminate the trauma of an unwanted car ride
  • No imposition on friends or neighbors
  • Food and treats remain consistent
  • Eliminate health and safety concerns at a doggy daycare
  • Pure Convenience
  • Peace of Mind


How to Hire The Right Dog Walker in NJ

Just because someone calls themselves a “pet sitter” does not mean they are qualified.
The vetting of online pet care services such as Wag or Rover can be concerning. Applicants take an online quiz, but there is no in-person interview or assessment of animal handling ability. Customers select dog walkers like how one picks an Uber driver: looking at ratings and availability. An in-home consultation with the owners and pets is not a standard procedure. The possibility of strangers coming into your home and the potential for an attack or a frightened animal that runs away is more likely. It has happened to walkers for each company. Walkers for both Wag and Rover have lost dogs and both companies have downplayed their responsibility and have hired attorneys to mitigate the damage. Wag even served one owner whose dog was lost with a cease and desist letter after complaining about its handling of the situation on social media.

The Peaks Pet Nanny has been in business since 2004 and is insured and bonded. We are proud to report that we have not had one claim to our liability insurance or honesty bond.


Why Your Dog Needs a Pet Nanny

Dogs crave a routine, and the benefits of daily walking are invaluable. Consistent dog walking promotes better health and behavior, provides mental stimulation, and prevents boredom.  A bored dog often struggles with anxiety or depression, resulting in destructive behavior, especially in active puppies, working-class dogs, or any pup with excessive energy. Pent-up energy and boredom can be a problem. However, long, rewarding walks are the perfect remedy for our furry best friends. Having a professional dog walker is immensely beneficial for our clients and their beloved pups.


Regular Dog Walks Improve Health & Behavior

Just like humans, dogs need consistent and regular exercise to live long, balanced lives. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports 54% of dogs and cats in the US are obese. The leading cause of obesity in dogs is a lack of daily exercise they need to stay fit and healthy.  Luckily, with proper and regular exercise, many diseases can be prevented.  Regular walks provide your pup with a way to relieve excess energy, which results in calmer behavior. When your dog goes on frequent walks, they will be less likely to engage in troublesome behavior, such as chewing, excessive barking, or having accidents.

Providing your dog with routine walks each day is essential for keeping them happy and healthy.


Dog Walks Provide Socialization & Stimulation

Not only does your dog receive beneficial exercise, but dog walking also stimulates the brain. When walking outdoors, your dog will feel, see, hear, and smell interesting things. It will boost their senses and mind.

Stimulation doesn’t only include seeing and smelling new things – it involves socializing with their Pet Nanny. While we may take this for granted, this dedicated time can often highlight a dog’s day. We usually arrive at a client’s home to find our furry friend waiting in the window for their Pet Nanny’s arrival. Encouraging socialization is essential for every dog’s wellbeing.


Not All “Pet Sitters” Are Created Equal

Pet owners might be tempted to hire an inexpensive teenager or ask the neighbor for a quick favor. While friends, neighbors, and teenagers might have good intentions, they most likely lack the necessary knowledge, experience, or skill to care for your pet if anything unexpected should arise. What will they do if your pet becomes sick, escapes from the yard or the house?  Will they show up during inclement weather? Can they properly handle household emergencies? What happens if the person you hired now has a change of plans or a crisis? Do they have an experienced backup pet sitter in place? We receive many frantic last-minute calls from new clients because whomever they had in place for dog walking or pet sitting backs our last minute leaving them in a terrible jam.

Most people don’t realize dog walking, and dog sitting comes with numerous responsibilities.  Dealing with unexpected situations and emergencies is part of our job. It’s essential for pet owners to carefully interview and hire a mature adult who is also insured and bonded.  The Peaks Pet Nanny is responsible for your two prized possessions – properly caring for your beloved pets and your home’s security.


What Our Pet Nannies Offer?

Our professional NJ dog walkers have years of experience and a genuine passion and compassion for animals. We have experience helping litters of young puppies, senior dogs who need assistance standing, seeing, or carried in their times of need.   In addition to dog walking, The Peaks Pet Nanny will tend to your pet’s water bowl and feed according to our client’s instructions. Our Pet Nannies can provide medication and will clean up any accidents. It’s our pleasure to provide playtime, lots of cuddles and, belly scratches. We are happy to provide text, photo, and video updates, and a written report card after each visit.


Your Pet’s Happiness Is Our Business

Our team of dedicated dog walkers in NJ are experienced and have the knowledge and skills to take care of your beloved pet. Many of our Professional Pet Nannies have been with us for over a decade, and our entire team is animal advocates. Each member from our company goes through careful screening and training before being hired so you can rest assured that your pet is always in excellent, dependable hands.  We have taken out the guesswork of who you can trust in your home, caring for your pets. When you hire a Peaks Pet Nanny, your pet will receive a loving, caring friend who knows how to take care of them when you can not be there.

Contact The Peaks Pet Nanny by email gina@thepeakspetnanny.com or call 973-601-3035 to learn more and schedule a free consultation with our local, trusted dog walkers. We will talk about your specific situation and decide together what’s best for your furry friend.  Your Pet’s Happiness Is Our Business!



Does Your Dog Need a Pet Nanny?

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